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Moline, KS Day Sheets

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Wagoner, OK Day Sheets

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  • Crowning the new Miss ACRA Leslie Henderson
  • (l to r) Queens Coordinator, Delonda Williamson - 2016 Miss ACRA Anna Woolsey - 2017 Miss ACRA Leslie Henderson - President Jack Schaller
  • Bareback Champion Cody Parker on Big Horn Rodeo's #804
  • President Jack Schaller - Rookie Brian Leddy - Ave Champ Austin Graham - Champion Cody Parker - BB Director Steve Gussert - Miss ACRA Leslie Henderson
  • Tie Down Roping Champion JC King
  • President Jack Schaller - Tie Down Champion JC King - TD Director Nathan Hughes - Miss ACRA Leslie Henderson
  • Steer Wrestling Champion Tanner McElhaney riding Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year (Boss)
  • President Jack Schaller - SW Director Stan Williamson - Champion Tanner McElhaney - Miss ACRA Leslie Henderson
  • Bull Riding Champion Guthrie Murray on Blisard Rodeo's #11
  • Bull Riding Director Mike Jefferis - Champion Guthrie Murray - Miss ACRA Leslie Henderson
  • President Jack Schaller - All Around Cowboy Blake Deckard - Miss ACRA Leslie Henderson
  • Breakaway Roping Champion Jimme Beth Hefner
  • President Jack Schaller - Champion Jimme Beth Hefner - Miss ACRA Leslie Henderson
  • Saddle Bronc Champion Shane Hand on #8 of Big Horn Rodeo
  • President Jack Schaller - Champion Shane Hand - Director & Average Champion Sean Prater - Miss ACRA Leslie Henderson
  • Champion Header Eric Flurry & Champion Heeler Stitches Stanley
  • President Jack Schaller - Heading Champion Eric Flurry - Director & Heeling Champion Stitches Stanley - Miss ACRA Leslie Henderson
  • Barrel Racing Champion Kelsey Spurlock
  • President Jack Schaller - Champion Kelsey Spurlock - Director Pam Bowersock - Miss ACRA Leslie Henderson
  • Steer Roping Kelton McMillen on Horse of the Finals (Gump)
  • Champion Kelton McMillen - Steer Roping Judge John Dickson
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