Arkansas Vesicular Stomatitis Information
(7/23/2020 10:33:39 AM)
Vesicular Stomatitis (VSV) Entry Requirement SPECIAL NOTICE - Vesicular Stomatitis (VSV) Entry Requirement– posted from April 2020 until cancelled. No hoofed animal may enter Arkansas if the animal has been pastured, housed or has had indirect contact during the previous 30 days to an enclosure or any premise currently quarantined for Vesicular Stomatitis virus (VSV). Vesicular Stomatitis restrictions will require an Arkansas issued Entry Permit Number for all hoof stock originating from the County or Adjacent County of any VSV quarantined facility in any affected state(s). Please use the ON-LINE Entry Permit Issuance (24/7) link in middle section of this page. Other non-hoofed animals are to obtain permits as is currently indicated in our posted Entry Requirements: All hoofed animals entering Arkansas from any County or Adjacent County in any state where a premise is currently quarantined for Vesicular Stomatitis must be: examined by an Category II / USDA Accredited veterinarian. declared free from signs or lesions of Vesicular Stomatitis virus (VSV) within 5 days prior to arrival to Arkansas or travel through Arkansas. be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) with date of veterinarian’s examination recorded. Fill out all blank spaces (add name of County). Record the Entry Permit number on CVI. the following statement is to be added to the CVI and signed by Attending Veterinarian with that veterinarian’s USDA Accreditation number noted: “All animals individually identified and noted on this Certificate of Veterinary Inspection have been examined by me and found to be free from signs or lesions of vesicular stomatitis virus infection. The Owner of the animals listed has attested to me that these animals have not had direct contact or indirect exposure to any premise quarantined or suspect for presence of vesicular stomatitis within the past 30 days.” Randolph J. Chick, DVM State Veterinarian Arkansas Department of Agriculture – LPD 501.823.1733 Entry Requirements for Common Animal Species ON-LINE Entry Permit Issuance (24/7 a Permit Number can be Issued) To Forward Certificates of Veterinary Inspection/Other Forms: How to Obtain a Premises Identification Number (PIN) USDA Website To Order Certificate of Veterinary Inspection or Coggins Forms, or Official Identification Devices (Tags) Kory Jones (501) 823-1722

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